There is an intrinsic human need to share stories.


To be heard


To be valued


To have a voice



Through telling the stories of our everyday lives

we reconnect to ourselves, to each other,

and to our community.



Kate Heaslip, 2013

Storytelling with a camera - Stunning portrait photography that captures a moment in time - connecting the viewer with the subject. If you were to ask Kate what she does, she would tell you that whichever medium she is using, she helps people to tell and share their stories in the most authentic way possible. This simplistic and humble explanation neglects to mention that as she weaves her extensive interpersonal skills, teaching ability, artistic talent, and passion for storytelling, Kate creates a safe place for people to be themselves. It is Kate’s ability to quickly build a respectful, collaborative and nurturing environment where individuals are celebrated and valued that makes her work so powerful and empowering As a professional photographer, Kate’s ability to capture the essence of a family, an individual or a whole community through carefully crafted images is unique. Kate has published three books of her photographic images. About Face a Celebration of People Living in the Southern Highlands (2011) won a gold medal in the 2013 IPPY awards, The WAIS Fliers A Photo Documentary (2009) and The Way of the Carrot (2005). Photographs are taken with great care and attention to detail in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. Kate's style of natural portraiture creates beautiful and authentic imagery. Kate's photographs tell the stories of the people she is photographing and her images reflect the connection she makes with them. Photographic sessions with Kate are enjoyable and provide the subject an opportunity to help to shape the session. All photographic sessions begin with a preliminary meeting to discuss what people want out of the session. Kate’s belief that everyone has a story to tell drives every creative program and workshop that she develops and is the driving force behind the foundation of the Book Incubator. All programs and workshops run through the Book Incubator are designed to enable and support people as they tell their own stories, discover new things about themselves and connect on a deeper level to their personal history. The Book Incubator runs workshops that are inclusive; accessible to all ages, all abilities and have no barriers. The Book Incubator offers two programs that enable people to tell their stories through different mediums. From Storyboard to Print takes participants through the process of writing, illustrating and producing their own professionally printed picture book. The Mini Mee workshops teach participants to use polymer clay to sculpt small replicas of themselves: whilst challenging, the workshops become a powerful space for people to reflect on themselves, confront their own self critic and develop new skills. Both programs are empowering tools for self expression, encouraging positive outcomes for all participants regardless of any perceived boundaries. As an artist Kate translates her ability to capture the essence of people through storytelling and photography into her ability to sculpt art dolls. These beautiful art dolls are custom made in the likeness of her clients and are a true family heirloom. Kate has been creating art dolls for over 30 years and makes a limited number of commissioned pieces each year. Kate has a wealth of knowledge of the creative industries that comes from decades of experience and commitment to all things arty. She teaches writing and design at the tertiary level, in schools, and runs creative workshops with businesses, community groups, schools and the general public. Kate also speaks about the importance of storytelling in the corporate sector, in communities and at creative forums. M.Design, B.Design, GradDipEd(EC)

Photo courtesy of Claire Parker

 Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival, 2014

Creative Festival, Toronto,

photo credit; Sash Milne

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